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Maria and Scott Dewhurst started the journey with Harmony Casting in 2017. Having previously worked for a casting agent while their children attended the drama school, they really enjoyed the work and when the opportunity came to buy the company, they were delighted.


Under the banner of Harmony Casting they were initially only offering drama workshops and their students have been in TV Series, Films, BBC Radio, Voiceovers and Theatre Shows.  As it has gone from strength to strength, and with requests for additional services they are now offering musical theatre, singing, acting to camera, sign language, dance and they are still adding to the list.

As the teaching side has expanded they realised that it was no longer viable to still be just Harmony Casting and the vision of Harmony Performing Arts Academy has been born, having recruited some of the best teachers with the skills and passion to ensure inclusivity and a place where children can grow their talent and blossom they know that HPAA will be a unique and exciting place to be.


Harmony Performing Arts Academy will officially launch on September 4th. Maria and Scott look forward to what the future holds for the children who come through their doors!

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